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Alka Jain, Executive Member

Alka Jain is self-directed, action-oriented professional with over 35 years of experience in education and community service. She holds a vast and rich experience of working in multicultural environments and has developed mechanisms to bring inclusion.
She is a Post graduate and an M.Phil in Biotechnology from Delhi University. She has to her credit,several research publications. Not one to bind herself in a nine to five job, she took up a career in part time coaching which left her with enough time to devote to her kids and family. She was able to establish herself as a teacher par excellence who could turn around the poor grades to distinction levels. She is one of the most sought after private tutors for 12th Board aspirants.
Alka had always wished to devote herself for social causes and give back to the society. She worked as a volunteer for several years with AROH Foundation and was taken on Board in 2009. After becoming a member of the Foundation, she started working with greater enthusiasm and devotion. She brought her research knowledge into action. She travelled across the slums of Delhi & NCR and paid numerous visits to the communities to understand their behaviour, working nature, living condition and environment of the area and the facilities available to them. Based on her research, she was able to get in touch with various corporates to generate support of good doers.
She strives to build the self-esteem of poor and encourage understanding of cultural diversity, gender differences and physical limitations which helps in better project implementation and successful outcomes. Alka indulges herself in the day to day activities of the Foundation and keeps abreast on all activities being run by the Foundation and always stands first to help the team at times of need. A powerful motivator, she has helped a lot of families in the community to have a better understanding of lives.

Ashish Gupta, Executive Member

Ashish Gupta is a highly qualified, professional software engineer who has done B.Tech from Delhi College of Engineering and M.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Delhi. He is a well-known software developer having an experience of more than 30 years in developing the whole cycle of Web Applications for efficient processes, better and faster solutions to make the companies more profitable. He is highly self-motivated and strongly quality-oriented.
Ashish founded Computer Software Services Pvt Ltd (CSS) in 1987 which has grown in to a widely recognised and reputed software consultancy organisation engaged in software development of tailor-made and standard software packages for various reputed organisations. Under his leadership, the organisation has grown by leaps and bounds having developed customised software for various multinationals, government and private sector companies.
CSS has, till now has developed a large number of commercial and medical software packages which provide end to end solutions for the users - starting from the feasibility study to the end user training. He is one of the few web developers, who is also most sought after to develop the software on any and all platforms, DOS, Novell LAN, Windows 9X and NT platforms as well as UNIX systems and on web. Apart from customized local software, he has also provided interfaces to international software packages to many clients.
Ashish Gupta is one of the Founder Members of AROH Foundation who, along with Versha Gupta, looks after all the software-related requirements of the Foundation. Owing to his expertise, AROH has developed a cutting edge with its strong and robust MIS systems and database for all projects. Due to the extensive use of internet and software technology in its processes and systems, AROH bagged the eNGO Challenge Award in 2013.

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