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Agriculture and creating Sustainable

AROH's flagship program ensures Holistic Development of the villages by improving agricultural and infrastructural facilities, raising the living standards of rural hinterland through infrastructural investment and human development & Building local enterprise -Towards faster economic growth and poverty alleviation. Aligned to all 17 SDGs, this unique initiative has been replicated and scaled up for more than 500 villages by far in UP, MP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Meghalaya & Chhattisgarh.


PARIVARTAN, SAMPOORNA & HRIDAY for socio-economic, educational & holistic development of population from rural background

Achievements Highlights

  • > 500 villages adopted under various CSR activities in more than 10 states, to be developed into self sustaining models, upgrading its SOCIO-ECONOMIC & ENVIRONMENTAL STATURE.
  • > 2 lakh of population supported to elevate their socio – economic stature while being engaged in INCOME GENERATING ACTIVITIES through SKILL TRAINING & LIVELIHOOD GENERATION
  • > 1500 SHGs and >500 small – medium Agri, Agri – allied and Non –agri enterprises established and linked with government convergence to run and grow businesses.
  • >50,000 farmers and > 1000acres of land brought under innovative, scientific and organic farming practices to enhance Farming outputs
  • 50,00,00,000 cubic meters of ground water recharged through introduction of low water consuming farming methods
  • Pond Rejuvenation, Renovation of Check Dams, Rain Water Harvesting, Red & Green Health marking of hand pumps done to ensure Access to Clean Water
  • >50,0000 school children in >500 government schools are benefited with improved school infra, access to safe water & Sanitation, better teaching – learning methods, and SMART education facility
  • >2000 Individual Household Toilets, >100 community Toilets, >500 school sanitation units installed for safe and dignified sanitation
  • >1000 health camps conducted including Menstrual Hygiene, ENT hygiene, COVID care, Mother & Child care, Veterinary Care etc
  • Vaccination and Immunization Drives conducted
  • Installation of >500 Solar run Water pumps, >2000 Solar Street Lights, >500 solar lanterns, >100 Bio-Gas units, >200 Bio – mass Chulha, etc done to ensure Access to clean energy and environmental up gradation
  • Interventions of Rural Development caters to all 17 SDGs

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