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Health & Sanitation

As the world continues to reel under the far reaching and unprecedented impact of the global pandemic triggered by the Corona virus, importance of health and healthcare systems for survival of human race is being realized by people all over the world. Aligned to SDG 3, AROH has been farsighted for long and has put forward a series of intervention to facilitate health, sanitation and nutrition to the most vulnerable communities of the nation.

Flagship Programs

  • GARIMA, AROGYAM for generating awareness around Health, Nutrition and Sanitation
  • SHAKTI, MISSION PERIOD FREEDOM for generating awareness around Health, Nutrition and Sanitation specifically around female population.
  • PARIVARTAN, SAMPOORNA & HRIDAY for ensuring holistic health, nutrition, health & sanitation within people of rural background.
  • SWACHH VIDYALAYA ABHIYAAN, JAL SHAKTI, HARIT for safe sanitation & drinking water facilities
  • SWASTH BHARAT for ensuring physical, mental, emotional and holistic health

Project Highlights

  • >2000 Individual Household Toilets, >200 community Toilets, >500 school sanitation units installed for ACCESS TO SAFE SANITATION
  • > 100 villages facilitated towards attaining ODF, ODF+ and ODF++ status
  • > 1000 Solar run Water Pumps, > 500 Drinking Water Units installed at community and school level to ensure ACCESS TO SAFE DRINKING WATER
  • Hand pumps marked with RED & GREEN to depict their water’s health status as fit/non fit for drinking
  • >1000 health camps conducted including Menstrual Hygiene, ENT hygiene, COVID care, Mother & Child care, WASH, Veterinary Care etc
  • Distribution of Health kits like Ration Kits, Food supplements, COVID Sanitization Kit, Sanitary kit, Dental Kits, etc are being done
  • Vaccination and Immunization Drives conducted
  • Setup of > 5000 Kitchen Nutrition Garden is done in villages to ensure minimum nutrition with minimum cost
  • Installation and Management process set up for Waste Management
  • Recycling, and Up cycling of Waste ensured and Bio -energy produced through it.
  • Installation of Solar run Water Pumps, Lights facilitated Healthy and Eco – friendly living
  • Environmental / Oxygen Footprints enhanced through Plantation drives, Water Conservation activities, etc
  • Mass level awareness drives, advocacy and capacity building ensured through experts.

Events & Updates