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Water & Natural Resource Management

AROH Foundation is making concerted efforts towards climate action through putting forward multiple interventions of Water Harvesting & its Management, Natural Resource Management and promoting renewable energy as a source of Light, Water, and Cooking. Dedicated towards serving SDG 7, 11, 12, 13 and 17 AROH has reached out to more than 18 states while placing feasible and sustainable interventions towards the cause.

Flagship Programs

  • HARIT for rejuvenation of acres of Pond and development of Green and Oxygen cover around
  • JAL SHAKTI for putting multiple intervention of Water & Natural Resource Harvesting, Augmentation, Management and Recycling
  • PARIVARTAN & HRIDAY for socio-economic, educational & holistic development with Water & Natural Resource Management
  • SAMPOORNA for promoting Solar Energy as a source of Light, Water, Cooking and Agriculture

Achievements Highlights

  • SOLAR RUN infrastructure installed in villages to USE & RECYCLE NATURAL ENERGY like Solar to run >1000 Solar Water Pumps, >2000 Solar Street Lights and >6000 Solar Lanterns to reduce dependency on electricity
  • >100 Bio Gas Cooking Units installed, > 200 Bio Mass Chulha distributed to cut down on the Carbon Emitting cooking methods and elevate Oxygen Footprints
  • > 50,00,00,000 cum of ground water restored through Water Conserving interventions of 100 acres of Pond Rejuvenation, Renovation of Rain Water Harvesting Structures, Check Dam Repair
  • Low Water Consuming Farming techniques like Sprinkler, Drip Irrigation, Farm Ponds, Farm Bunding, Rain Water Irrigation is introduced.
  • Water Wheels distributed to ensure easy port of water.
  • Health of Soil is Tested, and improved via experts for Farming
  • >2000 saplings are planted across to enhance Green cover and Oxygen Foot prints
  • Mass community awareness and Community engagement drives conducted to aware and awake people towards Water Management, Eco system Balance and Global Warming

Events & Updates